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William Golden hands and the copper thief

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Prepare to be amused in Villedieu-les-Poêles

For a fun discovery of Villedieu-les-Poêles, a destination for the 6-12 year olds, the Tourist Office offers a medieval police enquiry with William Golden hands and the Copper Thief, to visit the town of copper in an playful way. This game is in the form of a police enquiry and is open to schools.



William Golden hands is a pan maker. With his valet Jehan Têtedure, he makes pans in his workshop at the Cour du Foyer. It is 5 avril 1328, at 20h : William asks Jehan to stand guard at the workshop. Tomorrow, he will go to Paris with his cargo of pans.
At 5h in the morning, William has a bad feeling. He goes to his workshop, but it's already too late! Jehan is unconscious and is lying on the floor. The workshop is empty!! What bad fortune ! William regains his spirits, aids his valet then notes the objects stolen…

Pratical information :
- Depart, information and reservations : Tourist Office - Exhibition Centre of Art Professions
- Accessories : a booklet of the missions and a reward at the end of game...
- Tariffs : 3,50 € per child. 


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